Frequently asked Questions

Can you hook up my hot tub?2019-10-08T16:53:20-07:00

Yes, we can. Our electricians will provide the most efficient solutions needed to add a hot tub to your home.

How much will the work cost me?2019-10-08T16:52:15-07:00

We have found that our customers prefer an accurate price based on their exact electrical issue. Most phone quotes are subject to change once the service technician sees the job. We are often able to give a rough estimate on-site once we view the project.

Do you offer quotes over the phone?2019-09-20T21:16:22-07:00

It depends on the complexity of the request.

Do you offer credit card billing?2019-09-20T21:15:34-07:00

Yes we do. You can pay via this website or by calling into our main office.

What type of light bulbs do you recommend for home and business fixtures?2019-10-08T16:13:52-07:00

Energy-efficient light bulbs save you money over time and reduce your carbon footprint.

Can you help me on my home construction project?2019-09-18T20:22:29-07:00

We can assist you whether it’s your home or your business.

Can your team install a car EV charger system at my home?2019-10-08T17:21:21-07:00

We have a full team capable of designing, installing, and servicing your home charging station.

How Can Hughes Electrical help me with my project?2019-10-08T16:45:42-07:00

Hughes Electrical will help you with all aspects of your projects. One of our service
reps can call to schedule a consultation.

We are about to build a new building, are we required to install a fire alarm system?2019-10-08T17:21:49-07:00

Unfortunately, there isn’t a quick and easy answer to this question. There are many factors to consider when determining what type of fire alarm system (if any) is required, such as, how large is the building? Is the building sprinkled? How many occupants in the building? What is the jurisdiction of the building? What type of occupancy will the building have? Some of these answers are easy to determine but some will require guidance by the project’s architect. With these and a few more answers, we can determine if a fire alarm system is required.

The fire marshall is telling us that we have to have our fire alarm system inspected and tested, but we already did this last year. Why do we have to do it again already when we have never had any problems with the system?2019-10-08T17:25:51-07:00

NFPA 72 is the nationally recognized code book covering the installation, maintenance, and testing of all fire alarm systems for all commercial, industrial, and residential occupancies. This code book has been adopted by way of reference in both Oregon and Washington (and most other states) and all local municipalities. NFPA 72 contains many rules pertaining to the testing of fire alarm systems, one of which states that all fire alarm systems must be tested and inspected at least annually (and sometimes more often than that) by competent personnel experienced in the requirements of testing and inspection of the installed system. Furthermore, the property owner (or their designated representative) is not only responsible to ensure the testing and inspection has been completed, but they are also required to maintain all testing records for 1-5 years for review by the Authority Having Jurisdiction at any time.

Can you help design our entire light package?2019-10-08T16:13:13-07:00

We offer a full range of design services.

Do you offer BIM Services?2019-09-18T17:01:35-07:00

We do offer BIM on all required projects.



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